Here are some examples of the sectors in which we have gained experience over the years by completing jobs for our clients. Each includes a description of the recommended finish you might want to consider in each area. We invite you to meet with our experienced consultant to select the most suitable products for your needs and to discuss any upgrades or extras that can enhance your choice.

We offer a fully consultative approach with only quality branded products and a free site visit, ensuring that we work with you from concept to completion to deliver your ideal washroom. Upgrade to our fully consultative design service, call us for more information.


Designed for clients with washrooms who require a luxurious finish. Modern and attractive. Sleek and stylish. Tailored and bespoke.
For businesses seeking a high-end washroom makeover, we can offer a package that offers County Washroom’s renowned quality products, with even more opulence and sophistication.
Strong and hard-wearing cubicles, sanitaryware, complemented by the choice of stunning wood veneer or wood effect finish, with fully tiled floors and walls.


For Hospitals, GP Practices, Health Clinics and Care Homes, we can offer a package that includes the same renowned quality as all our washrooms, but with the stringent quality needed under current healthcare regulations.

Nightclubs & Leisure

Perfect for nightclubs, bars and leisure. Stylish and contemporary. Long-lasting and resilient. Built for a high traffic environment.

This package combines style and design with privacy and practicality. All our products are aesthetically pleasing and built to withstand its high volume of traffic that a nightclub may endure on a nightly basis.

Materials used are vandal-resistant, an essential and practical function for this environment, full height ducting, to hide toilet cisterns and to create a safe and secure environment with peace of mind for the business owner.

Offices, Factories & Retail

Ideal for offices, industrial and retail environments. Versatile yet streamlined, smart and sturdy.
Our recommended package meets every need of your business. It would be sleek and stylish, yet highly practical for day to day usage, make maintenance easier. We offer Solid Grade Laminate cubicles with full height ducting, sit alongside fully inset sinks, high performance hand-dryers and top quality flooring. With a wide range of colours and styles available this will allow each washroom to be tailored to fit in with brand image and identity.

Unisex Washrooms

Contemporary modern design, ideal for open aspect areas with a central washing station that reduces loitering and anti-social behaviour.
For schools and offices that need a high end look while still giving a more open, modern impression. The Unisex design offers the same renowned quality as all our washrooms, but with even more personal space.
Strong and hard-wearing cubicles and sanitaryware are complemented by the choice of washing and drying facilities either in each cubicle or outside in a “common area”. A Unisex washroom can be tailored to meet the needs of your environment and will present the perfect safe, modern image to your clients and visitors.


A nursery washroom environment for small children needs to be safe, comfortable and easy to use.
This package offers everything needed to transform a nursery washroom into a fun, yet secure environment. Featuring Altro slip resistant flooring, low toilets, low semi-recessed sinks and bright, clean HPL (High Pressure Laminate) cubicles, your pre-school washroom will be perfect for the youngest of users.
A nursery education supports children to learn key life skills and the features of these washrooms work together to encourage independence as the children grow.

Primary Education

This warm, welcoming and child friendly option is practical and hard-wearing with an exciting choice of colours and designs.The solution created specifically for Infant & Junior school pupils offers an environment that is safe and secure, while also supporting the increasing levels of independence of the children.
Our flooring is slip resistant, something which is essential in a busy washroom environment for small children. Shaped laminate cubicles provide a long-lasting, easy to clean solution. Dual height cubicles are available to provide the required level of privacy and security. With a range of vibrant colours and graphics available, the washroom will always be welcoming.

Secondary Education

Specifically created for secondary schools. Smart and striking. Hygienic and easy to clean. Durable and damage resistant.
A secondary school washroom is a high-traffic, high-usage environment. All products in this area are specifically tailored for this scenario. Solid Grade Laminate cubicles (in various heights for increased privacy), tiled splash-backs on walls, slip-resistant flooring.
This package offers strong and resistant materials built to defend any potential damage, our choice of Solid Grade Laminates is impenetrable to water, with a cap and cove flooring system, the washroom is easy to keep clean.

Higher Education

A step up, we can offer strong, smart, robust and versatile products. For our most popular choice, we can offer a package that gives the best Solid Grade Laminate available, durability and longevity that this environments requires.
This area should have striking colour combinations with sturdy practicality. With a choice of colours and heights, you can choose what’s best for you, whether that’s floor to ceiling cubicles for added privacy, or standard height for safety.
We can offer a package that is suitable for both wet and dry conditions and is a budget friendly option without sacrificing the style, making it a perfect choice for your higher education facilities.